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Supreme Commander Forged Alliance - How not to fight against the Sorian AI X, time: 46:54


Sorian AI Mod for Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance. Current Version: () WARNING: This mod no longer supports the AI Support Mod or the Handicap Mod. Both of these mods are deprecated and have been replaced by the Lobby Enhancement Mod. Be sure to play on maps with AI markers. The AI complains in the chat if you don't, so it's easy to notice. Sorian is loads better than the normal AI, but still no replacement for a human opponent. If you want an extra challenge, play on *_AI maps, they are designed with AI in mind. Read the descriptions on where to place what AI and faction. of the most popular mods for all of Supreme Commander, some of the nice features include, chat commands, map ping commands, and much more. Read More Download 'sorian_ai. All my units will have Sorian AI support. This is a pack of AI's and tools to use for Supreme Commander Forged Alliance. Overview: Sorian AI Use this ONLY with the NON-steam version of FA. Unstable with STEAM. to use Sorian with STEAM,google Sorian AI -AIfix Adds more AI's . Feb 08,  · I'm playing a version of the game with the LOUD AI much superior game to the Sorian AI. It's a complete new version of the game most of the files have changed, but there is a game updater/configuration switcher that allows you to keep both versions. If you're interested, I can send you the updater program so you can try this version. Dec 06,  · Quick battle vs 4 Sorian AI's love FU setup of nukes enjoy Cybran seem the best to push a front line. UEF previously had a very hard time pushing. Sorian AI Mod for Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance Current Version: () FA Version Compatibility: Compatible Compatible Compatible Please Note: Since this mod cannot yet be made Mod Manager compatible it will always be on.your installation, the default being C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\ common\Supreme Commander Forged Alliance\gamedata 4b. Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance I still have a backup of sorian ai and dont ask me for the difference though. #3. Sorian AI Mod. fefussball.de Sorian AI Mod. for Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance. Version: FA Version. I've heard that sorian is superior to normal AI, but I haven't quite seen it myself. Is it based on map choice? I've had Sorian AI use their. Hidden mod. This mod has been set to hidden. The reason given by the author is: Game Front is now back online. Due to issues with other websites, they've. I searched the forum for topics about Sorian AI and didn't find what I was Exotic_Retard: Supreme Commander: Posts: Joined: Thu Mar. Sorian AI Setup I see a need to educate all hosts on how to set the AI correctly. I have watched many live replays played on my TeamPlay maps. This is a pack of AI's and tools to use for Supreme Commander Forged Alliance. Overview: Sorian AI Use this ONLY with the NON-steam.


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