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Jul 27,  · So if you use a negative margin to nudge an element upwards, all succeeding elements will be nudged as well. It is highly compatible. Negative margins are wholly supported across all modern browsers (and IE6 in most cases). It reacts differently when floats are applied. Negative margins are not your everyday CSS so they should be applied with care. Here I applied the negative margin to class earthlogo and its working in firefox and google chrome but not in IE 7. So is this a correct way to apply negative margin in CSS and if it is correct way then why its not working in IE 7. How can I fix IE issue. Thanks. IE11 negative margin bug. The float has been dragged upwards with a negative top margin of px and is px tall which should mean the bottom of the float is px above the viewport. On the left, the negative margin on the ribbon corner works just fine. On the right, however, the ribbon absolutely refuses to go outside the wrapper in IE. I can use negative margin up to px, but it needs to be px. If I set it to px it still behaves as though it's at px. This happens in IE7, IE8 and IE9. I have no idea what the. CSS margin-top Property Specifies a fixed top margin in px, pt, cm, etc. Default value is 0px. Negative values are allowed. Read about length units. Mar 31,  · I am re-coding an existing site to be more CSS based, and am running into some layout issues in IE7 that I do not have in Firefox, or Gecko-based browsers. It most certainly has to do with using negative margin-top values, but I am not sure how to get around this. Oct 11,  · So I've coded this page and since I wanted the Navbar to be on top of the Hero Area, I've set a negative margin to the Hero Area and I've set the Navbar Color to transparent. When I was using a localhost it was perfectly fine. But since I've uploaded it to new a . Sep 13,  · This topic contains 3 replies, has 3 voices, and was last updated by JumpJump 5 years, 7 months ago. Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total) Author Posts September 13, at am # JumpJumpParticipant I’m having trouble with all versions of IE recognising a negative margin on an element. Even [ ]. The Positive Side of Negative Margins. The Positive Side of Negative Margins a class to the first and second paragraphs. Secondly, you give paragraph 1 a 5px bottom margin and paragraph 2 a 5px top margin (look for the margins to collapse into one). In IE6 the negative margins are completely missing and in IE7 the right negative margin.IE doesn't like negative margins and doesn't render them properly. Position your elements relatively or absolutely and use top: px instead. Note: positioning. #back { overflow: hidden; min-height: px; margin-top: px; padding-top: 80px; text-align: center; The element needs a negative margin. Hi, I'm having issues with negative margins on IE { position:relative; top: 10px; } } OR _: ms-fullscreen:fefussball.de11 { @media screen and (min-height: How to Target Internet Explorer 10 and 11 in CSS - Philip Newcomer. IE doesn't like negative margins and doesn't render them properly, just You should use relative or absolute and use top: 20px instead. Tags: how to mention separate css class for IEIE 11 alignment issueIE 11 negative margin bugInternet Explorer margin issueNegative top. In Microsoft Internet Explorer , the specified margin value is added to the Negative margins are supported, except for top and bottom margins on inline. In all the above six test cases there is a red box (with assigned width) containing a yellow box with margin-left: px. In IE/Win: The part of the yellow box. I had a div whose negative margin-top is not working in Chrome and Safari. All I had to do was add "height%" in "#fefussball.dener", like this: I got an error message saying "Internet Explorer has stopped working". In Chrome and FF, this shows great, but in IE11 it ignores the margin-top. Yes, removing the negative i.e. px, to effectively '0' makes it look fine in IE, but.


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