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Jul 09,  · You can find all the documentation you need here for 11g XE: Oracle Database Express Edition Documentation11g Release 2 () With Oracle 11 XE there is a tablespace called USERS. This tablespace should be assigned to a user as their default tablespace BEFORE creating any objects. SQL> ALTER USER your_user DEFAULT TABLESPACE users;. problems IMPDP in Oracle xe 11g FIXED After exporting from 12c with expd version=11 I imported in 11g xe 64x successfully only after updating files, I think this is not legal, but I did only to try. How do I export a 'database' from Oracle 11g XE and import it to Oracle ? The tools of choice are EXPDP and IMPDP (short for EXP datapump and IMP datapump). Unfortunately, using them is a little more complicated, because you can run them only on the database server (contrary to old-style EXP/IMP, which you could run from any client. Databases IMPDP in Oracle 11g XE Hi,I have a client database on a remote server.I take a daily export dump of this fefussball.de, I have created a new Oracl, ID # Jan 30,  · Version Export In your case, both the export (expdp) and import (impdp) are with Data Pump and you can use the version [parameter to export from a later release of Oracle an import that dump file into an earlier release of Oracle. You can import your 11g expdp dump file into Oracle 10g if you make sure you use "VERSION=" parameter during export. How do i go about importing fefussball.de file created by DataPump into Oracle Express 10g. oracle-xe datapump. share | improve this question. impdp scott/[email protected] schemas=SCOTT directory=TEST_DIR dumpfile=fefussball.de logfile=fefussball.de Import dmp file created in Oracle 11g (WE8ISOP1) to Oracle 11g XE database (AL32UTF8) Mar 16,  · It is C:\oraclexe\app\oracle\admin\XE\dpdump\fefussball.de for the default installation. Make sure the file name is fefussball.de At this point you may want to open SQL Plus or Toad and create necessary tablespaces and users/roles. See below. Open a new command prompt window. Enter the impdp command in the command prompt. I have my source oracle database 11g (rel ) and the destination 11g (rel ). I am using Oracle 12 client (rel ) to export and import. Export was successful but import is failing always. The last few lines of the process are as follows: IMP . Feb 27,  · using expdp and impdp in oracle 10g 11g. GitHub Gist: instantly share code, notes, and snippets.There are two commands, imp and impdp (not impdb! the DP stands for In the Start Menu (All Programs), a new folder "Oracle Database 11g. Place the dump files in C:\oraclexe\app\oracle\admin\XE\dpdump. Schema impdp -user-/-pass- schemas=-schema- directory=-directory-. of these options. Table Summary of Oracle Database XE Import/Export Options Command-line interface, invoked with expdp and impdp commands. TRANSFORM parameter in impdp enables you to alter object creation Note: All included reference links are related to Oracle 11g version. Summary · 3: Connecting and Configuring Oracle Database 11g XE · Connecting and . Data Pump Export/Import (expdp/impdp) utilities. Moving data between. Data Pump (expdp, impdp) Enhancements in Oracle Database 11g Release 1. Oracle Data Pump was introduced in Oracle 10g. This article provides an. I have a problem, after installing Oracle XE 11g on my virtual machine, I can't use the commands on prompt to import/export tables/databases. What should be. grant read, write on directory dmpdir to scott;. expdp scott/[email protected] directory= dmpdir dumpfile=fefussball.de logfile=fefussball.de # impdp owner. AFAIK expdp does not exist for 9i so you cannot directly import it in 11g. If you have used exp in 9i then use imp in 11g to import the data.


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