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SPEICK is a family company specializing in sustainable natural cosmetics whose products are made with the extract of the medicinal plant of the same name. SPEICK natural cosmetics - . The unique effects of the Speick plant invigorate the nervous system, leaving you alert yet refreshed. Made to compliment the classic Natural soap, this range is especially suited to anyone with dry or sensitive skin. The Speick Natural Deodorants protect with extra-mild, effective organic ingredients. The most fascinating aspect of Speick as a medicinal plant is its powerful balancing effect. Technically, this effect is created by the plant calming the central nervous system, whilst simultaneously stimulating the vegetative nervous system – in lay man’s terms – Speick relaxes without tiring and . It smells just like any other ordinary "for men" deodorant instead of having the typical Speick scent I like so much, and it is not as mild to the skin as the original deodorant stick. Summary: The "Speick Men's Stick Deodorant", as it is officially called on Amazon, is not bad, but it does not live up to the original/5(11). Aug 17,  · I like to buy the Palmolive one (Green) the Speick one(red) and the Wilkinson sword one (blue) and pretend they're mini light sabers. When I shave with them I make the lightsaber fefussball.de I have completely lost my mind. But in seriousness Speick has a great range of shaving stuff especially the Aftershave and the soap stick.Aluminum salts are a health no-no, yet most conventional deodorants (in stick, roll-on and spray form) still use them. Having said that, many. Received my shipment of Speick items yesterday including the deo stick. Even when I hit the gym, play baseball in very hot weather, or soak up I also noticed Dreadnought (Bluebeard's in the U.K.) has a deo stick too, with. Voir plus de contenu de Speick UK sur Facebook fefussball.de natural-deodorant/ . What is the weather doing It has gone all cold on us. Speick Natural Deo Stick protects with its effective, active deodorant principle. Deo Spray - Speick Natural - Deodorant protection with effective organic active ingredients Especially mild to the skin, organic active ingredients pamper you. the innovative launch of compressed spray deodorants Speick, Weleda and Lavera offer their deodorants Furthermore, India's tropical weather makes. (9,32 €/ Ml) Speick Men Active Deodorant Spray 75 Ml .. I have been to music festivals, club nights etc for many hours in hot weather and have never had . Works for about 24 hours unless you're in humid summer weather or you've just had a followed by Clarins Eau Dynamisante spray deodorant (not antiperspirant) on my clothes (I find .. Speick Stick Deodorant, il est vraiment vraiment bien!. The Second Best: PitROK Crystal Unscented Deodorant Spray. The Somewhat The product is also effective during cold weather or winter months when you don't have to sweat a lot. Then again, some . Speick Deodorants, Y, Y, N, – Sage.


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