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Another solution: the very new package mathastext, released on CTAN today, allows to use the text font in math mode, i.e. for text, letters, variables. This would allow to use Times in math mode together with Greek and other math fonts. amsmath package defines a \dots command, which is similar to the existing \ldots command. In Math, the \cdot command can be used to represent the centered dot multiplication symbol as opposed to the conventional \times symbol and similar to \ldots we have \cdots. Hence to get the centered dot in your example, you need to input: $5\cdot 5$. As you see, the way the equations are displayed depends on the delimiter, in this case \[ \] and \(\). Open an example in Overleaf [] Mathematical modesL a T e X allows two writing modes for mathematical expressions: the inline mode and the display mode. The first . Location: CTAN Packages times times – Select Adobe Times Roman (or equivalent) as default font The pack­age is now ob­so­lete, re­placed by the math­ptmx pack­age, which sup­ports Times Ro­man text and (mostly) match­ing math­e­mat­ics. The datetime package is a LATEX2" package that provides various different for-mats for \today, and provides commands for displaying the current time. If you only want the time commands but not the date changing commands, you can pass the option nodateto the package. Since version , the datetime package has been separated into two pack-.times – Select Adobe Times Roman (or equivalent) as default font mathptmx package, which supports Times Roman text and (mostly) matching mathematics. mathptmx – Use Times as default text font, and provide maths support. This package defines Adobe Times Roman (or equivalent) as default text font, and provides maths support using glyphs from the Sources, /macros/latex/required/ psnfss. Support for MathTime and MathTime Plus fonts in LaTeX 2e is available in / macros/latex/packages/PSNFSS. Look for the files fefussball.de and fefussball.de . This would allow to use Times in math mode together with Greek and . There seems to be a LaTeX style file for doing exactly the same thing. you can use $5\cdot 5$ to create the way used in Norway. I don't know the mathematical difference as I'm not that firm in mathematics ;-) But. The code \times is used in LaTeX to make the symbol ×. The square root symbol For that reason all text when writing in math mode is in italics. In some cases. MathTime Professional 2 (MTPro2) fonts may be used in place of Computer Modern fonts (the standard TeX fonts) in any LaTeX or TeX document. Just add a . the MathTımeProfessional II fonts with LATEX. The package code was par- tially adopted from the mathtime package written by Frank. The basic usage is simply to add \usepackage{mathtime} to your document or not the MathTime Plus font set is available, and on the age of your LaTeX.


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